Foundation6 Equalizer and Button Stack

Hello everyone.
Please tell me about foundation6.

  1. About the Equalizer
    Where is the “equalizer/equal height adjustment” setting that I was able to adjust in foundation1?
    Isn’t foundation6 able to set an equalizer?
    Where should I watch and study Joe’s youtube videos?

  2. About Button Stacks
    How do I use the button stack?
    I would like to use the “Button Group Stack”, but I don’t see a place where I can set up a link. No other “text size of button group stack” can be changed.

This was possible with foundation1 and also with the “BWD’s ButtonPlus2 stack”.
However, foundation6 cannot use the ButtonPlus2 stack of BWD.

Also, I’d like it to appear side-by-side on mobile, but it collapses.
Each of the button stacks will be too close together. Or it will be separated into paragraphs.

Thank you for reading.
I apologize for the busy schedule, but I would appreciate your help.

Please forgive me, as English is not my first language.

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The equalizer plugin has not made its way into F6 yet. However, the columns by default actually equalize heights already. If you use Columns Pro it is easier to see since you can add backgrounds to each column easily with a swatch.

In F1, there was one button swatch that did a lot of things. I decided to separate that functionality out into multiple different button stacks. You will see that there is a Link button stack. That is what you want.

Hello Joe.
Thank you for your reply.

I see you haven’t implemented an equalizer yet, I’d love to have the ability to align the equalizers like F1 does.

It says there is an equalizer feature by default, but I don’t have the knowledge to align the bottom height.

For example, in a column, if the number of characters in each column is different, the bottom will not be aligned. What should I do? Does this mean that you can’t set the equalizer because it’s not implemented?

An example is shown in the photo.
If there are too many characters, only the first left column will be long.
I want to align, bottom height.

Thank you very much.

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