Fixed heigt in stacks - using Adaptive-Grid

(Matts) #1

I have already used the Adaptive-Grid Stack on a page with the Linchpin Theme. There I have two cells with the same height, no matter how much text i have and that works perfectly.

Now i use for another page the Flexer Theme. I want to make two (ore more) cells again with Adaptive-Grid, which are always the same hight like these as i have done with the Linchpin-Theme. But it does not work and i have no idea…

If I understand this correctly, has somehow to do with this bootstrap model, right? Can it be that a theme supports that and a different theme does not? Or what can i do?

Thanks, Matts

(Adam) #2

Did you figure this out? I have tried to use Adaptive grid for a couple of projects and having the same issue - wanting the cells to be equal heights. THe setting in Adaptive grid for this does not work for me…

In your screen shot above, if the text is the only thing that needs to be the same size you could try Defligras text align stack…

(Will Woodgate) #3

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