Font Awesome 5 Pro in RW

Looks like FA5 Pro for those who have bought it will be available in a matter of days.

Anyone know how FA5 symbols can be used in RW and how the licensing check will work.?

Using the SVG symbol versions is catered for with BWD’s amazing BluePrintSVG stack or by warehousing the SVG’s.

Have you been able to get FA5 running in any of your projects? I’m having trouble with getting the SVG js to work.

I’ve uploaded my files to /public_html/fonts/fontawesome/js/…, and added that path in the Head, but still no luck.

I have not tried to use the code yet. Surprising that this topic does not get more interest.

I’m definitely keen to see some kind of integration with FA5 (including Pro) too.

I will be waiting for Foundry support of FA5…

Currently I do not have plans to add Font Awesome 5 to Foundry. The Font Awesome developers are charging $800 if you wish to include Font Awesome in your theme. That is $800 per theme. It was $600 during the Kickstarter, but that is no better, really:

57 AM

I also recently read that they will be charging for access to their CDN after a year period has gone by. From their site:

Update, just found this. The yellow note details that they’re not even selling the theme licenses any more. :confused:

Makes no sense to pay such a large developer fee for a product such as RW.

However, for those who were part of the original funding and have a personal FA5 Pro license and also those who buy an FA5 Pro license in the future, it would certainly be great to be able to use within RW projects. Pro licenses are still $20 (I think) so much easier for end users to absorb this cost for those who want FA5 Pro symbols…

What isn’t clear is how the end user licensing will work with FA5 Pro and whether the free FA5 will replace FA4.

I can’t see that being profitable for any developer making themes, whether for RapidWeaver, WordPress or any other platform. That is a hefty price to shell out for one theme.

If the “Pro” license was $20, then it is now longer. Their site states it is $60 currently. Seems things may be ever shifting over there:

So could RW integrate FA5 by default and Foundry could access it this way?

Could they? I suppose. They would then be fronting that huge cost, which doesn’t seem fair to them.

Has anyone had any luck getting their personal FA5 license to work in RW?