Font Awesome, Foundation theme and rapidweaver 8

HI, I am using the Foundation theme and it is supposed to support font awesome. I am using rapidweeaver 8. I am putting in code from the current font awesome site but it is not working. Any ideas what I can do to make it work?

RapidWeaver and Foundation still use Font Awesome 4.7. The latest version will be supported sometime in the future. If you use the 4.7 icons, they’ll work.

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FontAwsome (the company) have changed the licensing terms and method of integration for FA5 and it’s made it difficult for devs to incorporate it.
I think a way has been found but as I understand it it’s not a simple process, for now as mentioned above use the FA4 icons/names and look for an announcement from Yourhead (makers of Stacks) about FA5 support in the future.

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