Dead links within JW Awesome List



Thee Stack under “The Area” heading is Awesome List.

As one can see from the HTML, both icon and text have been linked to a resource.

But both links are inactive in preiveiw and when rendered. Same happens whever one tries to link to - either from an icon via the stack or even as a straight text link.

Any ideas?!

Can’t see any FA icons at all on Chrome under Windows. Both links under The Area work fine for me though.

@Clearsite1, you must’ve gotten this sorted because the pages are linking fine now in Safari 9.0.x on Mac


Thanks for both replies.

No, we still have an issue. The site links are fine.

Issue is that any links that are within an Awesome Font stack are dead.

Please see:

and from the backend:


Not sure why as I don’t have the stacks you mention, but I can definatly link to the PDF when I view Source in Safari Dev mode or inspect element, so that says the file is on the server and that the resource and link are fine, it’s something to do with the page… I would suspect…

Hopefully someone with the stack will chime in @zeebe


Not sure why, but something seems to be covering it up, try adding this CSS to the page inspector under the CSS tab
#stacks_in_90955_page15.stacks_in.com_joeworkman_stacks_fontawesome_stack {overflow: hidden;}

This should fix it, but the ONLY thing that will get the link is the icon, not the text.