Need a good, easy to use Icon Stack!

I am new to web design and rapidweaver. I am looking of a icon stack that is similar to the icon stack that is in Foundry. I don’t want to use code at all. Any suggestions?

Joe Workman makes a Font Awesome Icon stack:

Would that work for you??

Do I have to copy and paste a code? Or does it give ma a pull down menu?

You have to copy and paste part of a code, but that is simple.

Here is the reason Joe went that route. He wanted people to be able to use ALL of the Font Awesome Icons, and to include a drop down with ALL of the FA Icons would BE HUGE. It also would slow down the way the stack would work. This was seen on his Sweet Button stack. In the days he had dropdowns for the icons in that stack, it would take forever to load the list. This is a much easier and faster way to do it.

Also, you will notice the URL to the icons is in the stack settings, you can copy it and from there and paste it into a browser. See:

Again, very easy to do.

***EDIT - I forgot that Font Awesome 5 came out and that link will bring you to the FA 5 icons. You need to go to this URL to get FA 4 icons

So is it just a matter of copy a “code” where it says Icon name?

Yes, but only fa- and the icon name, so I know facebook is an icon name, so I could use fa-facebook and it will work. Font Awesome provides a long code and you do not need all of that, just the FULL icon name.

Also, I should make a correction, the icons that work with Font Awesome are the Font Awesome 4 icons only. So you would need to go here to get the list of icons

So I don’t have to pay for the stack? I can use the one from the link and it will work just the same?

Well, it depends I believe if your theme will access the code.

I hope so. I’m using this theme

You would have to ask @nickcates about that, I have no knowledge about that theme. It does look like it has social icons
But not sure if it has all of the icons from Font Awesome and if it does not sure how to implement it.

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