Font Awesone HOME icon query :-

Hi all, in my current project, using Foundation and the Top Bar stack for my Menu, i decided it would look nice to have the Font Awesome HOME icon in the menu for the Home Page.
with this code :- < i class=“fa fa-home fa-2x”>
But now this code is shown as the Page title in a browser window.
Is there a clever method of having the Font Awesome Home icon and having a normal Page Title in a Browser Window.


The FontAwesome script is appearing in the browser title when the browser title is empty. To hide it put a title in the Page-Inspector > Browser Title.

Wow Henk, thanks, of course it is preety obvious now you mention it, thanks a million, very helpfull.


And something else:
When you copy a Font Awesome code be sure to replace the quotation marks " with ’ when you use the built-in SiteMap page in your project too.
So not
<i class="fa fa-home"></i>

<i class=‘fa fa-home’></i>


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@henkvrieselaar: Why ´ ?

MI’ve noticed that the code shows up before the page titles in the Sitemap page with "
Or am I wrong? I’m not at home now, so I cannot check it.

Well, everything else than double quotes (") will break the HTML tag.

Hi @henkvrieselaar i havent actually got a Site Map on that site, mainly because :- RW7 (as well as RW6) kept crashing whenever i shut it down and a realmac chap suggested i removed all Plug-Ins, which i did ! i wouldnt say it is much better without the plug-ins, but i havent bothered to use any plug-ins since.

But fair comment on the “quotation mark” tip, i dont know what difference it will make, but i shall certainly do that Henk when i do use a Site Map, thanks.

@instacks i dont know WHY either !


Thanks @instacks Didn’t knew this. I’ll have a look when I’m back in about 2 weeks (currently in Iceland: it’s really impressive here).