Font type and size guessing in RW

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Is is just me that finds the fact that when you select text in RW it doesn’t as far as I can see have any way of telling you what the font is, or the size of the font.
May seem like a minor issue but for those of us needing dropping in text and other bits from different projects it adds another layer of difficulty. Even if you select and change the font, it is still a question of visually trying to match font size.

Please consider this as an update, or if you have to, a font control plugin, or is there something that exists already?

This is due to fonts largely being set in “relative” in size now based upon a standard base size.

Dropped in (pasted) text gets converted to html with inline css based on the style you pasted in. It would indeed be nice to be able to see this without having to VIEW SOURCE to see html of the page. In the case of relative size it would be nice to at least see “+1” size, etc. Knowing your default base size you then would know size of text.

Ideally you would paste in plain text and let styles handle everything. But I get “reports” from my employer and they come in “Pages” format. So it have copy and paste or else convert it all to inline css or markdown, etc.

I assume you do know that the size and font is the same as whatever the source is… (your pasted text)… thus, 16pt Arial in Pages will be 16pt Arial in RW. This comes to forefront more when you may be “fixing” old pages done by a predecessor. The pasted text may be 15pt, 16pt… who can tell? Being able to see code of the text would be nice.

I’ve found the free Safari extension “Fontface Ninja” is very helpful. It tells you which font you are using, font size and line space when you view or preview a page in Safari.

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Magic! Thanks for that info, I found it as a Chrome extension.

Hi Davis

Many thanks for that tip, I will download it.



Those are nice tools for outside of RW but a popup while editing in RW would be great. Popup would be invoked by a keyboard combination within the active edit box. The popup would show the (inline) css/html of the pasted text.

What I really wish for would be an option to “Paste text as markdown”

@rapidbernardos58 - Fonts and all other aesthetic style aspects of the page are controlled by the theme. This is not a limitation, but a feature of RapidWeaver.

This means that you can design your content independent of the style. Then choose a theme, change your mind, modify the theme, etc… all without impacting the style of the site.

It also has a huge advantage for new users. Many RapidWeaver users aren’t technically savvy – they just want something that builds nice pages and takes the headache out of web design.

Selecting font families that will look consistent on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows – on several browsers, over dozens of version… that is not a simple task for a new user. Leaving those decisions in the capable hands of theme designers who live and breath CSS, Typefaces, and browser compatibility is a Good Thing™ :wink:

As far as size – it’s quite variable. The size of the type will be different depending on the size of the device that’s using it. It’s best not to think of type-sizes on the web in the same way as you do for a printed document. Things have to stay flexible and fluid in order to work on so many devices.


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