RW and how it appears in different browsers

Hi everyone,

I have a problem I have not come across before and I hope someone here can help.

I have created a web site for a charity group and it is just right in Safari…It presents differently in Chrome and even more differently in Firefox. It is just fine in IOS.

Can anyone offer any advice? The site is

Thanks in anticipation.


Hi Frank,

Can you tell us what differences you’re seeing between the browsers? They all look pretty much the same to me…

Do you think it might be a case of emptying the caches and refreshing the pages in Chrome and Firefox?


No noticeable differences here in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (on a Mac).

Hi all,

Needless to say I am delighted that it looks ok to everyone else but on mine in Chrome, the slogan disappears as does the menu…It becomes a dropdown type like the IOS style.

Martem, how do I empty the caches as you describe in Chrome?


Here’s a helpful article for clearing cache on all browsers,2817,248040…

I found out how to empty the cache…I did it and there is no change…Am baffled, especially as it looks ok to all of you!

Any thoughts?


What version of Chrome and Firefox do you have, maybe they are outdated.

I just checked…Chrome tells me that it is up to date and I only downloaded Firefox today.

So I am still bewildered!!


Has it got to do with how Chrome perhaps sees the size of the page ie before it breaks to looking like IOS? I am not sure how to explain it, but when I change the size of my browser just by moving the handles, every web page changes and if it is responsive it will go to the dropdown menu on the desktop. And that’s for many websites, not just yours.

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I think you have it…I reduced the size of the Google page and everything came good!!! I went into settings in Chrome and reduced the font size and now it is fine!!

Clever lady…Thank you so much.


I think it was more a fluke for me, Frank. But I do know that Command/0 on Mac puts the browser back to default view. Cheers.