Fonts are different between Desktop and Mobile view... why?!

I need help please.
I have set “Multicolore” and “Lato” fonts into my website but if i see my website with Desktop,Pc everythings is ok… but if i see website with Mobile ( iPhone or iPad ) fonts are different and incorrect.
Why? The problem is into Photo and Contact Built-in RW pages not with the others Stack Pages.
This is url of the pages:
and this

if you look these pages with Desktop and then Mobile you will see the difference.

Any suggestions to fix the issue?
Thank you so much

Your screenshots do not show where you define the font face.

Browsers on desktop and mobile are different. They use different files, which are loaded by the CSS settings.

To ensure your fonts are visible on all (not old) browsers and devices use woff fonts and check your CORS

Yes i know u can see css screenshot above with this code: h1 { font-family: ‘Multicolore’!important; } and sidebar font family and font face code into this screenshot…
have u any suggestions to fix it? i have to insert some css code? into Photo and Contact sidebar title and text into inbuilt page , you see !?

In desktop version its ok … i want it like this but in mobile view is wrong… have you a solution for me?
Thank you so much

The question is… how to edit fonts in the inbuilt RW pages like Contact and Photo?
In all stacks pages fonts are the same in desktop and mobile view but if i try to add css or html code into sidebar or title in RW inbuilt Photo or Contact ( no stacks ) pages … fonts are different in desktop and mobile view.

Which is the best solution to fix this problem? Which code or css may i put inside to change fonts and see the same result into desktop and mobile view?
Thank you so much

Nowhere in your screenshots is shown how you are loading the fonts. Are they part of the theme, or are you loading them via Google Fonts by yourself?

I’ve tried too use Google Fonts and to import the Font Folder into Resources… they are no parts of the theme … if i set the theme’s font everythings is ok… i need to change theme’s fonts.

In all the other stack pages everythings is correct in desktop and mobile view … my problem is to edit font just in the inbuilt RW pages like PHOTO & CONTACT … i cant use stacks in these pages so … what is the right way to do it? please…

When you copied the font folder to resources manually, I guess you forgot a file (maybe not published on the server) or did something in the font face declaration.

Why not using google fonts normal CSS import?