FontStack from Stacks4Stacks strangely works

(Dmitry) #1

Good day, Fathers!
From the attached screenshot you can see the settings of the FontStack stack. When viewing the site from under the Macintosh (Safari and Chrome), I see the font I want Comfortaa (Google font, the Cyrillic font face is available), and if I go to a site from under Windows or from a smartphone, I see wildcard fonts (Windows is a replacement for Serif, smartphone - Arial). Explain to me, please, what I’m doing wrong.
Regards, Dmitry.

(Doug Bennett) #2

You have an URL to the site?

(Dmitry) #3

Oops, I’m sorry.

(Peter Danckwerts) #4

Could it be because you’re using woff2? Some browsers, including IE don’t support it.

(Doug Bennett) #5

You didn’t say what smartphone your testing with. I’m not seeing any load problems on Safari, Chrome or Firefox. I think it might be browser support issue that Peter (@peterdanckwerts) mentioned.

(Dmitry) #6

On the smartphone, I use Chrome and UC Browser. My wife - Redmi 4. I just installed the Opera. Screenshots are attached.

Chrome Redmi 4

UCBrowser Lenovo

Chrome Windows

Opera Windows

(Doug Bennett) #7

I don’t have access to any thing close to that, but on the windows browsers did you check the browser console? The browsers console could give you a clue as to why the fonts aren’t loading correctly.
I don’t think it’s a RW or stack issue, because it’s working correctly on some browsers.
The stack you’re using is a freebie from @willwood, if you want support and want to offer him a donation, he might be able to help you out.

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