FontStack from Stacks4Stacks strangely works

Good day, Fathers!
From the attached screenshot you can see the settings of the FontStack stack. When viewing the site from under the Macintosh (Safari and Chrome), I see the font I want Comfortaa (Google font, the Cyrillic font face is available), and if I go to a site from under Windows or from a smartphone, I see wildcard fonts (Windows is a replacement for Serif, smartphone - Arial). Explain to me, please, what I’m doing wrong.
Regards, Dmitry.

You have an URL to the site?

Oops, I’m sorry.

Could it be because you’re using woff2? Some browsers, including IE don’t support it.

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You didn’t say what smartphone your testing with. I’m not seeing any load problems on Safari, Chrome or Firefox. I think it might be browser support issue that Peter (@peterdanckwerts) mentioned.

On the smartphone, I use Chrome and UC Browser. My wife - Redmi 4. I just installed the Opera. Screenshots are attached.

Chrome Redmi 4

UCBrowser Lenovo

Chrome Windows

Opera Windows

I don’t have access to any thing close to that, but on the windows browsers did you check the browser console? The browsers console could give you a clue as to why the fonts aren’t loading correctly.
I don’t think it’s a RW or stack issue, because it’s working correctly on some browsers.
The stack you’re using is a freebie from @willwood, if you want support and want to offer him a donation, he might be able to help you out.

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