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Maybe being a bit thick here but cant find anything in the forum relating to this.
Q. how do I add a hyperlink to the footer bar of Voyager pro

I don’t have Voyager Pro, but from the documentation, there’s an extra content area(4) in the footer. Adam has a tutorial on Voyager Pro extra content areas if you aren’t familiar with how to use them.

Hi Doug

Thanks for taking time on this. Yes Im aware of the extra content area but unfortunately it only adds to the footer size by sticking it on top and therefore almost doubling it in size. Im looking for a way of putting a link inside the actual footer area along with the text.

I don’t know for sure, but what “text and Link” are you looking to place in the footer? What’s in the footer now? I don’t have this theme so it’s difficult to say, perhaps a URL to a test page and a bit more info on what it is you want in the footer. Adam (@Elixir) might have some easy way to do what you want.

The Footer content is handled through RapidWeaver’s settings. The theme injects the RapidWeaver Theme API variable for the footer in that section, which simply adds the footer content you’ve configured in the settings, which you can find here in the app:

Beyond that the theme has no way to inject other content into the actual footer. If you want custom content in the “footer” of the site, you can use the ExtraContent area as @teefers suggested. Either that or enter some content into the Footer field in the RapidWeaver settings.

I know this is an added cost, but Joe Workman’s Houdini Stack will add content to the footer of themes:

You can just add a hyperlink to the footer using the settings dialogue that Adam screen-shotted. It’s just standard HTML so something like this:

Made in Brighton and Hove by <a href="">Hove Web Design</a>

Will produce ‘Made in Brighton and Hove by Hove Web Design

Just put it in the Footer field.


Thanks everyone for your help on this especially robbeattie, problem solved with simple HTML.

Good teamwork thanks


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