Voyager pro upgrade help pls

Is it me…
I’ve just purchased voyager pro and installed Into RW7.5
Not sure if I’m being thick or the selling points aren’t very clear, but it certainly isn’t showing up any extra areas to add detail. Does it only add areas in say markdown or such?
Surely that could just be done with stacks?

This whole rapid weaver thing is dramatically in need of a manual.

Check out Adam’s video tutorials here:

Click on the ‘Tutorials’ tab and watch the ExtraContent Areas tutorial.


Hi there @F-RibsAndSibs – After installing Voyager Pro did you make sure you switched from the standard Voyager theme that comes with RapidWeaver over to the new Voyager Pro theme? The two are separate themes within your theme list.

Hi, yes I did add the new theme and select it for my homepage.
The only way I seem to be able to add extra content is to use stacks to access the extra content… if I’m having to buy stacks then why pay for the voyager upgrade?

I don’t get the new page as shown in the video, I typed the social links in the sidebar and that didn’t work either… I ended up just adding sidebar links.
Appreciate any pointers, i seem to be running round in circles here.

Here is some info on adding Extras Content areas by hand and with some snippets. The Videos are dated but I think they still apply. The code samples should work:

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As @teefers points out there are other ways of using the ExtraContent areas. They’re just not as popular because they’re a little more limited than doing so through the use of Stacks. If you’ve not given Stacks a try, be sure to grab the demo and try it out. Well worth the time to do so:

Thanks Adam & other chaps…
I think someone needs to do a high quality video in basic learner terms as to how to actually download and install all these extra stacks and stuff because its as clear as mud to a website virgin like me.
All the adverts make it sound like a one button fix all and in actual fact its been more time consuming than running my business !

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