Footer will not resize to same size as the Header

I have fixed the width of my pages to 1500 and set the Banner and the Top Bar to 1500 also.
I now want to make the Footer the same but, I am stuck. I tried to adjust the size, using the ‘Margins’ options but that would not allow me to extent the footer to the left only to the right.
Can anybody explain what I should do please?
Ron West.

is your footer inside of a column stack?

Yes, it is inside a 1 column stack.
However, I did create a Partial Structure as well, that I used to add to all other pages.
Could this be what is causing the problem?

Remove the gutter in the column stack setup. Does this work?

Do you have padding in the stack or enclosing stack?

No, I removed all padding.
I am now pretty sure that I made a mess of creating the Partial for this footer so, I am going to remove it and begin again. I will re-post if I am successful.

Have you adjusted this setting for the 1 column stack?

Did you change the gutter of the column to “never”?

Thanks for all of your helpul comments.
Special thanks to jochenabitz, your suggestion to change the gutter to ‘never’ seems to have done the trick!

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Hi Robert,
You have solved my problems before so, please forgive me for contacting you direct on my latest dilemma.

On my website, I have created a ‘Tutorial index’ that opens up a page that included 4 different section. Within the RapidWeaver section I want to add at least 2 pages (in the Pages List) When the index option for RW is clicked it opens up the 1st page of tutorials. I want to add a new page 2. If I do that, how can I add a link to in Page 1 that will then open Page 2.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
Kindest Regards,
Ronnie West,