Foundation Padding / Alignment Question

How do I adjust the padding / margin to have the left image line up with the left side of the banner and the right image line up with the right side of the banner?

The following images show how I’d like the page layout, edit view in RapidWeaver and preview in RapidWeaver.

Thank you

it’s hard to tell from the screen shot, but try setting gutters to never in the one column. see if that does it for you


Got it to work by setting the 2 column gutter to never. Now I’ll adjust the Paragraph


you can adjust the columns.

at the bottom of the 2-column settings there is an area that says mobile sizing setup.

Change the first row to 8 and the second to 4. Then you can offset it to align it in the middle.

Play with the offset and source order settings to have even more power.

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