For Hong Kong visitors

(Phil) #1

I’m an expat living in Hong Kong and lots of friends come to visit; at times our house is more like a hotel! They always asks what to bring, where to go, what to see, how to travel etc. and many are keen photographers. To reduce my question / answer correspondence load, which always increases about now (Spring), I created a website with an emphasis on photography and a soupçon of video.
So, if any weaver is planning a visit to Hong Kong have a browse:

(RW7, Stacks+stacks, domain name left over from a previous paid work project, very cheap GoDaddy hosting).

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #2

Great site, great place Phil.
I saw that you where using the Compare stack from Doobox on the Hong Kong maps of 1897 and 2017, looking good.

How long are you already living in Hong Kong if I can ask?

(Phil) #3

In Hong Kong since 2001

(Will Woodgate) #4

That looks like the ImageCompare stack, based on the source code.

(Phil) #5

ImageCompare it is - after alignment in Photoshop.