New RapidWeaver Community Site

Hello Weavers,

Yesterday we released a major update to the RapidWeaver Community website — new design, new features, easier to navigate, more detailed Addon information, and lots more.

Also, the video tutorials now have support for “picture in picture”, which allows you to have the video floating on top of all other windows, basically allowing you to watch the video whilst also working in RapidWeaver — it’s pretty sweet:

Hope you enjoy these updates, stay tuned as there’s plenty more coming in the near future :slight_smile:


Very nice Ben, liking the way you can navigate between lessons in the same course at the bottom of the video too - must admitI hadn’t noticed the picture-in-picture support though, going to give it a spin now.

Do you have a roadmap that you can share for upcoming lesson content you are producing?



Nothing that I can share publicly, but I can say I’m currently working on a “RapidWeaver Online Blogging” course that’ll be available in the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:

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I think PiP of HTML5 video is proprietary to just Safari 10 running on Mac OS. You probably will not see the option in other web browsers. It doesn’t work for me in Chrome or Firefox, but the button is shown in Safari.

The search function on the site no longer works. Sometimes nothing happens. If you do search for something that requires more than one page of results, does not scroll to a secound page. Instead, when you hit the > or next number (2), it lists all add-ons. This was one of the most useful features of the site and should be fixed ASAP.

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This issue with the pagination is now fixed — so you can now view page 2/3/4/5/etc of the search results.

This is a little confusing. The search does work or it doesn’t work?

It’s working for us at least, example:

Looks like it is working now. Before if I tried to search from the home page nothing would happen. Now all is working fine.