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Is there any place in the RapidWeaver ecosystem that compiles a list of alternative stacks by different developers for similar purposes?

Right now I am trying to understand all of my options for photo galleries.
I would also like to see what is available for “Read More” and “Anchors” etc.

Right now whenever I see a clue I do my best to try to chase it down but have not really figured out how to leave good enough bread crumbs to find my way back. Sometimes you end up spending a fair amount of time only to learn the video was germane to an old incarnation of Rapidweaver that is not necessarily relevant today.

For a newbie like me all the pronouncements that RW8 was so much different than previous versions I assumed we would need completely different training.

I can understand the lag now because it has finally dawned on me that most of these development companies are fairly small organizations and as a consequence of this have limited resources. I think for this reason that maybe a library type one-stop shopping might be really handy.

Don’t assume I am grousing here. I am very grateful for all the really gracious help I have received from so many people. I am also grateful for the older videos. They have been useful to teach me basics. I am just trying to think of ways to improve this effort.

Have you looked at the Marketplace on the main Rapidweaver site?

The search works well

Thanks Gary!
That’s just what I was looking for.

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I wouldn’t rely solely on that site. I’d also Google for the type of stack you’re looking for, like “rapidweaver stack image gallery”, for example.

I point that out, because I noticed that two of the best gallery stacks didn’t come up in that search for “image gallery” on that site.

Search for photo gallery:

You can also ask here.

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