Forced rotation on a mobile & foundry bulleted list?

Hi guys…
Having a few issues with fine tuning a website for a mobile device (iphone X)
SE, plus and 8 all work fine in portrait mode, which suits the site. However, in iphoneX in portrait mode, I‘II struggling to get the text formatted correctly (but it looks fine in Landscape) is their anyway/or anything out there, that can force a mobile/screen site to only view the site in a set orientation?

The site is built in foundry :+1:.
The only other issue I have is when using foundry’s bulleted list is their an option to have these centred rather than ranged left? As again, in a mobile portrait view these are the only items that are not centred. :slightly_frowning_face:
Cheers Jon from @habitualshaker


Thanks for the quick response, thats very helpful :+1:

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