Images Weirdly “Centred” on Mobile

So I have a “finished” site built with Total CMS, stacks and Foundry and everything is great. I switched to the markdown editor after some HIPWIG issues, and stylized my photos using css. Everything is beautiful, EXCEPT on portrait orientation mobile devices. The images I have that floating left or right inside the blog articles are slammed against the opposite edge on an iPhone. So if the image is floating left normally, on mobile, it’s stuck tight to the right side of the screen.

Here’s a blog post that best shows it:

If you turn your iPhone to landscape you can see how everything is nicely floating where it should be. If you switch to portrait, the images move to the opposite side I tried removing all padding, etc, but I can’t get them in to behave. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but after messing with this for a couple of hours, I’m out of ideas. Anyone who can solve this for me gets a free beer on their next visit to Vancouver, BC.


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