Form autoreply with french and asian charset problem

Hi everybody,
I’m new here and I’m new also to Rapidweaver.
I hope that this is the correct place for this topic.

Actually I had to create two form with autoreply one has french character and the other one have some asia character.

So my problem is that the autoreply mail have different simbol in subject line and also in the body text.
For the asian autoreply is even worse.

The pages are made with superform with rapidweaver 7.

There is a way to set the correct charset? Do I have to use a specific font?
I’m open to all your suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

It is definitely a font problem but most fonts with Roman character sets don’t contain many Asian characters. Without knowing which Asian characters you need, it’s impossible to recommend a particular font. Tahoma, which I think comes as standard with both Windows and MacOS, does support a number of Asian languages, including Vietnamese, Thai and Urdu.

To my knowledge, Google’s Noto Sans and Noto Serif fonts are designed to work with all languages. For more details, I would check with Google.

Noto Home - Google Fonts

I use this font for my German and Polish texts.

Thanks peterdanckwerts and Rovertek for your reply.

I have to say that I don’t know how to manage different font in addition to those available as “web secure font”.

I tried to set the font on inspector pannel as example “Arial”, but it seems not working.

I’m really a begininner, and it has been given me as it is.

Can you tell me how to manage this google fonts or other fonts?


Can you show us a url to a working site?
Are you using a theme, Stacks, a framework etc.
The more info we have the easier it is to help make better suggestions for your issue and the tools that you are using

If I understand the issue, it’s on the auto-reply email sent out by Superform?

Not sure you can or would want to use a we font(google or other) on an email.

Yes, I’m using Superform, and basically it’s a contact form with auto-reply mail.

Actually the page is fine also with french and asian (chinese) character, in the body of auto reply i worked a bit with a couple of

tag as I found them from previous form.

I opened the html page with notepad and I found some "charset=“utf-8”

Tahoma is websafe so you don’t need to link it, just specify it. It is listed as such here: and is listed in Foundation 6’s websafe fonts swatch.

Thank you, for the info and the link.
As soon as I can work on the page I’ll set Tahoma and test it.
So I’ll let you know :wink:

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