Rapirdweaver force mac fonts on arabic text

its seems rapidweaver is forcing mac arabic fonts on arabic text , making it very very hard to fomat it on foundry or font pro , the only way is to use html stack which making it like hell to format it , please please fix this problem .

the image above to show how much i suffer , it create even span for every word , making it very hard to use any font stack to format my text with the font i want because there is inline html created by force from rapidweaver

Welcome, @Tmleeek!

What Preferred Language setting do you have in System Preferences?

Are you typing the text inside RW or are you pasting it from another application?

If you’re pasting it from another application, are you pasting it as plain text? If you are not, you are probably copying hidden formatting from the application where you typed the text.

Paste as Plain Text is on the edit menu. Anytime you copy text from another application you should paste using this command.

You can also highlight previously pasted text and use the “Clear Formatting” command from the Format menu to remove the extra, hidden formatting.

totally plain , rapid weaver apply those spans and fonts by force on arabic text

you mean for mac ? English ofcourse

but for rapidweaver is arabic @MarkSealey


this is rapidweaver site language is arabic

In Styled Text, you may want to select the entire text block and format is as paragraph via the format menu. Then you can force your own font and styles onto all paragraphs using Font Pro. I have helped some Japanese users do exactly this with Font Pro.

Sadly that also not work , and if you remember the problem is presist from 7th feb 2019 , if you remember i have email from you , and the only solution was to use html stack

i get back to that email today for solving the problem but i still need fix because i have a lot of arabic text need to be used in different stacks , and this problem making my job a nightmare.

Maybe I don’t understand your problem; for which I apologize.

If you want English as part of ISO Latin 1 to appear, what happens if your change the System Preference to English, and maybe (temporarily) delete Arabic?

Otherwise, Joe’s the out and out expert for this case. Good luck!

thank you for trying to help me @MarkSealey

Why does my suggestion of using an HTML stack not work? Another really great option could be the Markdown stack. That may be even better.

You’re welcome.

Do please listen to Joe: he’s one of the best-placed people to help you!

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@joeworkman it actualley work , also the paragraph idea also some times work and somtimes not , the html stack work all the time , but i am stuck to one stack which html only , i need to use what rapidwraver and stacks provide of a ton of stuff , but i am stuck because of this problem auto formatting arabic text is really nightmare .

Can you explain better why you need to use Styled text if HTML works. Markdown would probably be a better solution though.


sorry for late response its seems the forum have limits for daily posts and replies

regard your comment
some times only i need it to make it H2 or H3 , or making its alignment center , and most of times for font , but that do not work because of rapidweaver forcing other fonts , so i lose power of choosing style and choosing font and alignment , i want to be easy for me to that stuff .

will i know there is a lot of talk about markdown , but i do not think it will be easy to do with arabic also i am worry that in the end i still not be able to chose the font , what do you recommended .

i do not like coding i choose rapidweaver over writing coding because its drag and drop and run .

coding take more time which customer not appreciate .

see how much work i do on this page , i start with markdown , and reformat every thing in fonts and headers by modifying coding on html stack.

just if i want modify it again it will take. alot of time .

If you need to make things a Header, then you use a Header stack. I have not personally used a Styled Text stack in any of my site for probably over a year, maybe two.

The default header stack does not have alignment options unfortunately. However, there are a bunch of other Header stacks out there that do.

Arabic works in markdown. I just copied some of your text and pasted it in. Have a look https://sandbox.joeworkman.net


As you can see from above, markdown is not scary…