Icelandic characters missing

Dear All

I’m trying to use the contact form. The form works, but the emails that we receive contain “?” marks where the Icelandic characters should be. It does not matter if I publish with UTF-8 or Western.


Efni Ofn�mispr�f vegna tatoos

Skilaboð G�a�an daginn,
�g �arf a� n� � hann Steingr�m Dav��sson vena ofn�mispr�fs sem barnabarn mitt �arf fara � vegna tattoos
sem h�n f�kk s�r � Sp�ni fyrir stuttu. G�ti hann sent m�r t�lvup�st e�a hringt � mig � 8692030.
Kkv �rn ��rhallsson

Example of Icelandic Characters:

ðÞ á ó ö í


B Sigurgeirsson

I think that you need to use a font that explicitly includes latin-extended subset. Some fonts just include standard latin characters.

Dear Rob

Thank you for looking into this matter. You are proably right.

The font on the page is OK. It is only the font inside the email message that is sent that is wrong. When the form is filled in on the page, the font is normal. It is only the the received email that is ful lof jibbirish.

How do I change the font that is used to generate the email message?



For the contact form to work with Icelandic characters, it must accept latin-extended font subset. I suspect that the RW built-in contact form does not comply with this requirement (I may be wrong, though). Perhaps @LaPan could shed some light on this subject?

Has it worked properly before? In previous releases?

Although I use latin-ext subset of fonts (and it works for me), I never tried the built-in contact form, so I can’t answer that question.

Thank you all for looking into this problem. With your help I have come to the conclusion that this is a bug in Rapidweaver. I solved the problem by using the contact form from Doobox. It works with the extended character set without problems. Btw it is not only the Icelandic characters that are a problem in the built in contact form as most other foreign characters are not displayed in the returning email.

I have not used the contact form in earlier versions.

Many thanks


That’s interesting. I just got around to testing this myself (I had a difficult (to say the least) Sierra upgrade process the past few days) and added the Contact Form in the latest Rapidweaver 7.1beta with text translated into Icelandic and it seemed to work as expected. Did you ever get to try it with the beta, Bardur?

Dear Mr LaPan

Thank you again. I must however say that your Icelandic is excellent. I admit that I have not tested the 7.1 beta (I do not have the nerves to use beta software). I will however test it.

Thank for your support


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That’s Google Translate’s Icelandic, mine is definitely more wanting :wink: