Formbase mySQL connection error

We are using JW’s Form Base stacks in one of websites, Email(s) on submit is working ok, however the “Insert in DB on Submit” is not working.

This is error we are getting is:

Could not connect to database server: could not find driver

I have checked everything, all the field names in the form are matching field name in the mySQL table, in the Form Base Stack - the mySQL setup (db Port, db Username, db password, db name & db table) are all correct, I have even tried localhost or domain name of the DB host or the IP address on the DB Server line in the Form base stack. Nothing seems to work. Always get the same error!

Can anyone advise what will correct this “non connection error to the mySQL server”, please.

You need to talk to your host as it seems that the MySql drivers for PHP may not be installed.

Joe I have other RapidWeaver mySQL stacks in other website all working Ok on this Host. Therefore the drivers are installed. That is not the problem, I’m experiencing with Foundations Form Base stack.

Joe have you any other suggestions?

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