Kuler MySQL stack suite problems

Is anyone able to help me with is? I have data flowing into a MySQL database from Yabdab’s FormSnap with no problem - so as far I am aware, all the settings are correct. Now I have added Kuler’s MySQL stack suite so that we can view the data in the website. The required MySQL settings for Kuler are identical to those used with FormSnap. Unfortunately all we’re getting is a load of error messages. You can view the page here: http://www.greenercamping.org/members/index.php.

Based on the errors, it looks like you have the wrong data types specified in either the database or more likely on the MySQL stack set up. The first item is expecting a boolean value which is not a text value. On your output your first value is a “First Name” value so it should be a text value.

Without seeing the database and the values you expect to retrieve there is no way to give you more than that.

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply. That’s the assumption I’ve come to as well - problem is that the stack set up does not have much in the way of options :frowning:

Gary at Kuler Solutions sorted it for me. I had an over complicated host address! This is a great stack BTW.