mySQL database integration

I will shortly have a mySQL database linked to a web site which will enable people to sign up for a service and later go online to receive personalised feedback – so the web page will need to write data to the database as well as accessing data to display from it. The only stack I have seen advertised so far says clearly that it can only access a database, not write to it. Luckily (since I know nothing of this) someone else will be setting up and operating the database itself, but what can be done to solve the web end of the process via RapidWeaver?

For writing to the database there are plenty of options. My personal favorite is FormSnap It is a set of Stacks that you connect to your database to gather information.

For showing the information I use Kuler SQL stacks These are freeform and table based stacks that read your database and display the information. There is a query based stack which can be used to pull specific information based on a SQL Query.

Good luck!

Anybody have any luck with Stackapps? It’s an entire suite of MySQL StackApps. It’s a couple of years old unfortunately.

Just pulled Stackapps off my system. It hasn’t seen any development since 2014. A lot changes in 3 years.

SiteLok is another possibility.