Formloom 3 file data to mySQL

Anyone has experience about saving file data to a mySQL database using Formloom 3?
What field type is needed?
Blob and also binary does not work.
All other fields, also date, no problem.

I’ve used FormSnap quite a bit, which should be the same thing. The fields I use for mostly just text input (address, email, etc.) are ‘varchar’ with a 255 length. But I can see in my form I also have some longtext and I haven’t had any issue that I can think of. Its been a while since I’ve set one of those up.

Current versions of FormSnap and Formloom do not support saving file data to a database.

Maybe a future version will?

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Thank you for this answer, even I read anything different around here.
Hope it will be done and completet – like that anything is missed…

Thank you Bioguy.
I just face problems with file data. Anything else works fine.

Ah, misunderstood the post. Carry on!

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