HELP! Formsnap/Formloom + Google Sheets = NOT WORKING (Resolved, now fixed!)

Has anyone else out the using Formsnap and/or Formloom found that as of 3 days ago forms have stopped depositing data into Google Sheets?

Yes - me too.
have a support ticket with Mike. He did suggest it may be to do with PHP versions. But we have tried it on several versions of PHP all to no avail.
I really hope we resolve this asap as I use Formsnap a lot and really like it.

If you do find any tips top wrk around do please post back.


Do you have any error logs? I’ve also got a ticket open as Formsnap 3 fails on PHP8 with an error:

Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in /rw_common/plugins/stacks/formsnap/lib/Google/Utils.php on line 65

Reverting to PHP7 seemed to work at the time, but I’ve just checked this morning and it’s not working for some reason.

Must be something with Google itself. Neither FormSnap / FormLoom or Live Data Stacks are working.

Calls to are failing with a 404 (not found)

The Google library does not support PHP 8 , is that what you are using?

Reverting back to PHP 7.4 should fix the problem for now.

I cannot give an ETA on update that will fix this in PHP 8.

Hi Mike, just sent a support ticket in.
We have all forms running on PHP 7.4

I am running PHP 7.4 and it still does not work. That is not the problem.

Mike, have you checked to see if there is something wrong with the developer account email address that we are all using? It’s obviously not PHP.

I don’t believe it’s the

One Little Designers Live Data Stack stopped working as well-it does not use a email

Google shut down V3 of the Sheets API on August 2nd. Based on @dripple’s comment, it seems you’re using that. If true, your form products will need to be updated to use the V4 API.

Google has an upgrade guide:


@1LittleDesigner’s Live Data stack also uses the V3 API and is returning 404s at


So we’re waiting now for @yabdab and @1LittleDesigner to fix their products.


Same problem here - neither Formsnap nor Live Data Stacks working with Google sheets.

BTW G-Sheet from Weavium seems still to work

Many of us have anxious clients asking. Can you please give us some sense of when Formloom and Formsnap might be updated to the new API?

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I will look into it today.


Thank you!

Thank you.

Just want to warn you guys, it is not looking good so far.

The changes made by Google are not a quick fix, if there is a fix at all.

Authorization is now token based, which will add a whole new support wrinkle going forward.

Stay tuned to this thread for further updates…



Just want to show support. Thanks for update.

A fix I am putting in place is to use Zapier and their email parser to squirt the Formsnap data from its email - direct into Google Sheets. That works. Am guessing they must use some other API route and I know they are heavily invested in supporting google so it should be reliable.

We use Zapier for other things so its a good route for us and may suit others which is why I am mentioning here. Though obviously it would be easier if we can use a direct route if/when it comes.
Thanks for looking into, I appreciate its likely not to be an easy/quick fix.
Either way Formsnap really is an excellent forms tool :slight_smile:



That’s a great interim solution. The challenge is, if you use FormLoom to send any HIPAA data, the addition of Zapier breaks compliance.

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