MySQL Update using a Form

Morning from AZ,

Has anyone used a form stack or plugin to Update a mysql table? Spent the last few days working with FormLoom 3 and their “POST to Custom URL” feature with no success. It sounded promising, but there is very little documentation on the feature and your on your own to figure it out.

Suggestions on other solutions or assistance on making this one work is greatly appreciated.


I haven’t used " the form stack" but I have used the Formsnap stacks to build out several forms and linked them to a MySQL database. Once you get the hang of it, the link to the DB is easy to set-up. I also create an admin page for reporting where I use the Kuler SQL stacks to report back from the database for my clients.

You can also use FormLoom and the Formloom stack to bring in your page.

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Thanks Keith for the reply. Are you inserting and updating records via FormLoom? My objective is to have clients update their own data in MySQL.

Unfortunately, the forms I have set up are only for Add, no update functionality. Once it is there it is there. I do not believe that FormLoom or FormSnap have the capability to edit the records since it just transmits a “Post” command but there is no lookup functionality to edit existing records.

That would be a more complex API call, not sure if I have seen a solution for that. I would be interested if there is one out there.

Looks like I am building a solution for now, until I figure out how to take advantage of all the work inside FormLoom. Time is not on my side right now and there is very little documentation on the function they provide. Been awhile since I used PHP, put I am coming up to speed quickly. :slight_smile:

Be well.

This is something which SiteLok handles very well. It might be a bit of extra work to integrate it with an existing database, though.