Formloom Error Message - how do I interpret

I use formloom on my website. I keep getting the attached as a message into my email :

FormLoom Notification:


Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 21:15:04 -0500


– CSRF Token Verification Failed
– Reply-To Item “item_2” has a value of “” which is an invalid email format.
This usually happens when you assign the incorrect Item Name to the Reply-To Item setting.

I do not have enough technical context to know what this means to me. Anyone able to help me decipher this?

From the Yabdab site:

Hopefully that will help.

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IT could be timeout sin the page as @thang has mentioned. I get one or two a month and a busy site where people leave the page go to lunch and think they can fill in later. Nad that with leaving the timeout at 20 minutes.

Your error does look slightly different. Do you have a “reply-to” email address filled in as it looks like it’s expecting one?

Hi Nick, thanks for the post. Sorry for not replying sooner - been off on farm work as it’s spring down here and things go nuts. I do have a reply-to email address on this form - I will do some more research as this error only pops up around twice a month…

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