Need contact forms that won't constantly give me errors - Formloom problematic


I’ve been using formloom 2 and now 3 for some years and out of nowhere, it just stops working without my knowledge. Every time it quits working I hadn’t made any changes to formloom. Just seems to come out of nowhere.

I only need a basic email contact form, nothing too technical beyond that.

No matter what I always get these errors such as this with Formloom: Oops! An error occurred.
0 message were sent. The following addresses had problems, You must provide at least one recipient email address.
…….Or it will show the actual address. It’s killing my business, so this is really important that I don’t have these problems.

Any ideas. I’m done with Formloom. I can’t afford to loose my income like this.

Perhaps you should contact the developer before making such drastic decisions?

Thanks, but I have several times and didn’t get anywhere with them. They in effect said it’s my problem, “maybe it has something to do with your hosting service”.

Which Little Oak is now and always has hosted my site.

Also, I do you my Little Oak hosting email address in configuring Formloom.

Are you wanting a plugin or stack?

Well I was assuming another stack, but since I don’t need anything too technical, a plugin would probably be work.

Here’s my new error message from Formloom I just got after a change in configuration to Formloom;
Oops! An error occurred.
The value of the From Email ( ) is not a valid email address.

This is my little oak email address and I just pasted it into gmail and sent it, and it works. So it is valid.

Formloom I think is a plugin. Formsnap is the stacks from the same vendor.
Have you tried the built in contact page?

I’ve used foundation forms at little oak and it worked fine. Not suggesting you convert to foundation but if I remember foundation uses PHP Mail to. Work.
Might want to check out this

This page describes the requirements need for super-forms. I have never used it but it looks like it would work. I would check with little oaks support to make sure.

@RussRuss Did you try updating PHP on your server?
I don’t use FormLoom, but I do use FormSnap – works fine for me.
However – I also use Superforms!

Is there a reason you can’t use the built-in contact form page type?

Otherwise, the simplest contact form stack I’ve found is