Formloom Noob question: how to reference a file

Hi, first post, first time RW user, so thanks in advance for the excellent support I see on here. I have searched the forums and the FL4 docs on this but have a basic question:

Designing a Formloom 4 form and want to have a file/url visible when the user clicks on a terms and conditions entry field. I see it in the demo on the yabdab website but I cannot see any way to do this except, I assume by a custom template I need to set? Is this correct? Any hints? I am not a CSS guru either…:slight_smile:

You can use Rules in Formloom to show/hide an item based on a checkbox value.
Just make sure your checkbox option has a value and not just a label :wink:

Is that what you are asking?

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Thank you kindly for this steer, I’ll have a look at your excellent documentation and see if I can make that work. I think it is exactly what I need.The show/hide item will be the file link. Cheers DougP

Glad to help Doug :grin:

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