Major issue with Formloom 4

Would anyone here use Formloom 4 to create complex questionnaires with many rules?

The title says major issue. Are you having an issue with FormLoom or are you just asking a question?

The major issue (especially for us because we lost our time during at least one week on a very important form) is that the rules (which are THE new feature of the version 4) are absolutely not usable when they are numerous.
We did not expect to have to wait a so long time to have a checkbox checked after the click for example. It is absolutly not serious and/or professional.
Have others experienced this disappointment?
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Can you demonstrate or provide an example of what you’re referring to?

URLs are always helpful.

I must be reading this wrong?

@alainolivier had issues setting up their GIANT and unrealistic form last month.

I tried to help, but they asked for a refund instead, so I gave one. ( going against our no refund policy ).

Now I guess they are publicly stating that they are still using my software after receiving their refund AND felt it necessary to slander Formloom to boot.

I recommend all users ignore this person and all devs should block @alainolivier from placing orders so this does not happen to them.

How “unprofessional” of them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Shame on you!
You tried to help by answering that " > No, there is no solution for this." and some other lapidary and lamentable answers to serious technical questions? Are you kidding?
Yes we indeed asked for a refund after losing days and days with an unusable plug-in but you NEVER answered us.
I personally bought ALL my softwares since 30 years (commercial ones, sharewares and sometime freeware), I myself am in the field of software distribution for more than 20 years and have never seen such a lamentable attitude.
Your blacklisting without warning is also a shame.

@dan please close

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For instance I would be very curious to know what a


We did a lot of tests and the form is no longer usable when adding rules. Why not tell the potential buyer?

Why the same form that we had to redo at works perfectly?

I need to ask someone to check the company bank account to see if the refund proclaimed here is true or not (again we never received any message about it) but in any case, as I wrote previously, we do not use the software anymore. So we unfortunately do not want and can provide URL anymore. I perfectly understood that it would be the best way to illustrate the issue.

And finally let me say that issue is not really in the useless software cost, which is fortunaltely not very expansive, but in the long time work of a collaborator spent on it without any real help.

So we would like to know if it happened to someone else.