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Trying to decide if I need to rewrok the way Formloom 4 handles form results. Thanks! :wink:

As the modal is NOT working (on my testsite) - please remove it.
Otherwise I have to go back to Formloom 3.

I would vote for showing the results like in Formloom 3.

It is not working on my test site also so I have to go back to FL 3.

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Not working here either…

Update coming this morning that should fix things for everyone. :grin:


I like the way FL 4 displays and would like it, but it just isn’t working on my site.

If it were working, I’d like to leave FL 4 the way it is.

Not sure what this means, but I just upgraded 2 forms on a website of mine from Formloom 1 to Formloom 4, and I now get a weird element on the top left of the form:

Modal Title, and a button: Close Modal, that does nothing when clicked. WTF?


You will need to completely rebuild a Formloom 1 form ( over 9 years old ).

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Problem solved. It required upgrading to FormLoom Helper 1.0.3.

I had just upgraded to Formloom 4.0.6, but FormLoom Helper was stuck at 1.0.2 and needed to be updated as well, separate, as a stack, to 1.0.3.

Once the forms were re-uploaded, that Modal thing disappeared.

Thanks Mike, I did have to build the form from scratch. The problem was that I was stuck in FormLoom Helper 1.0.2. Once I upgraded to 1.0.3 and re-uploaded, the problem went away.

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