Formloom spacing question

Im not sure if this is a theme (Anthem by Michael David Design) issue or if there is some CSS i can plug in.
I attached a picture of our formloom preview. I want to lessen the spacing between the input fields. Also the submit button is hovering on the right after the message box and I want it below the message box

Without a URL to at least a test page, It’s going to be difficult to get help. Someone would have to have the same theme as you and also be using Formloom. You also haven’t said what version of FormLoom and whether you are using the Stright Plugin page or are using a stacks page.

I don’t have that theme.

For a Formloom 4 plugin page something like this might fix the the the input fields vertical spacing:

.control-group {
	padding-top: 10px;
	padding-bottom: 10px;

The screenshot doesn’t show the message box or submit button?

That code worked perfect! Thanks. Here is an updated screenshot including the submit button

What do you have the grid Widths set at for the Message box and the button?

If the combined widths of the two are less than or equal to 12 they will display on the same row.

So if the message box is set to 9 and the button is 3 they will display on the same row. In that example, you can increase the message box to 12 or put an “empty spacer” of 3 below the message box and it would force the button to a new row.

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