🚀 Foundation 6.8 + New Swatch Pack

Today is a big day. It feels like I am launching a huge new product (and I guess that is true). I have been working towards this launch for over 5 months now. I have 3 new things to announce today, all related to Foundation 6.

Foundation 6.8

There are a ton of small features in this update that really refine Foundation and take it to an even more polished level. It’s amazing how far Foundation 6 has come in the past 18 months. Comparing to Foundation v1, it took us almost 5 years to get to a similar level of maturity. And if you have used F6, you know that it’s seriously 100x better.

You can see the full release notes below. There is also a recording of the live stream that I did this week that reviewed all of the updates in F6.8.

New Website


One of the biggest short comings for Foundation 6 has been its lack of a good website to help you realize everything that it can do. The new homepage has a lovely modern design and its fast! Yes, it scored a 100 on Google PageSpeed and its build 100% with Foundation 6 stacks.

The new demo section on the website gives full live examples of every Foundation component. The demos are broken down into logical groups just as they are in the Stacks library. At the bottom of each demo page, there is a playlist of videos just for the components on that page. This will make it so much easier to locate tutorials for how to use Foundation stacks.

The project file is available for download. I am providing this as a courtesy to you. However, I ask that you not publish this project file online. I worked very hard on this website. We don’t want to water down my SEO. So download it and use it as a great learning tool. I appreciate your understanding. I hope that you enjoy the project.

Download: https://weavers.link/foundation6-demo-project

New Swatch Pack


This swatch pack is the first paid addon made just for Foundation 6. It includes 25 new swatches that will allow you to take your designs to entirely new levels. These swatches will help you design more efficiently by centralizing even more styles. These swatches can unlock some real eye popping animation capabilities as well.

The swatches that come with this pack are just the start. I currently have plans for many more that I will release in future updates.

My live stream next week will be dedicated to reviewing all of the new swatches that come in this pack. I hope that you can join me.

Full Release Notes


  • Official Support for the new Foundation 6 Swatch Pack
  • New fancy website at <foundationstacks.com>
  • New Mailto Button stack
  • New Link Container stack to turn anything into a link

Edit Mode

  • New and improved Edit Mode interface options!
  • New Streamlined edit mode option in site styles creates a new minimal edit mode interface that is blazing fast!
  • Vastly improved scrolling performance in Edit Mode

Site Styles

  • Ability to hide Color Palletes in Site Styles in order to reduce space
  • Improved Shelf interface
  • Reorganized swatch order
  • Default Button Sizing can now be set in Site Styles
  • The jQuery 3 Feature will now import jQuery 3.6 onto the page. Foundation 6 is fully functional with jQuery 3.6. However, it may not be compatible with other stacks that could be on the page. You may need to remove this from the page, if it causes any stack to break. I recommend that you let the developer of said stack know that they need to update the stack to support jQuery 3.
  • Most utility classes now use !important so that we can ensure that their styles override default styles


  • Hover on Parent option in all swatches
  • Custom CSS Selector in all swatches now has 8 lines
  • You can now use Parent and Pseudo options along with Custom CSS Selector
  • Max height units in Height swatch
  • Improved Background Sizing options added for new instances of the Background swatch. Existing instances will continue to function but have been deprecated.
  • Background Positions can now be set with percentages in the Background swatch
  • Added media queries to Height, Width, Padding, Margin swatches
  • Overlay BG swatch now has a z-index setting
  • New Is Stuck option in the Menu swatch


  • Checkbox, Radio and Switch controls can now have values set via URL
  • Time formatting in Date field has been fixed
  • New Form action to open/close any F6 Component on successful form submission
  • Forms can now be auto-submitted from any form field


  • Improved fill color options in the SVG stack
  • Controls in the video stack are now on by default
  • Hollow Button Group styles are fixed
  • New History action in the Button stack to allow for back/forward buttons
  • Support for the new YouTube and Vimeo v3.0 stacks that will autoplay when added into a lightbox

Live Stream Recording


Looks really good!

After installing F6, what should I do with the v1 Foundation stacks?

You can keep them installed. You will still need them to mai rain any older websites built with them.

Thanks @joeworkman! Once all sites are upgraded to F6, would you recommend removing the old stacks? I’m assuming they’re not recommended for creating new content?

You can definitely remove them if/when you no longer need them. They will not work with Foundation 6. The two versions are basically completely different products.

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@joeworkman why is there a discount for completely new buyers of F6 + Swatch Pack ($150), but an extra $10 must be paid for the same Swatch Pack by current owners of F6?

Shouldn’t existing Foundation 6 owners be rewarded for their loyalty (and patience) while trying to figure out how to use F6??

Right now, we’re punished. If anything, a fair price for the Swatch Pack for existing F6 owners should be $39 instead of $59, as the Swatch Pack is essentially a paid update for F6.


The Swatch Pack was available at a discount for almost 5 months. When I launched it for pre-release, I stated that that price was going to go up at launch.


I hope that you are enjoying Foundation 6. I have put a lot of love and work into it as well as the hundreds of hours of training around it.

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@joeworkman how would I know that??

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Do I have to be a weavers space groupie to know about (a) the swatch pack, (b), the swatch pack discount, (c) the swatch pack launch, (d) the price increase when the swatch pack launches?

I’m subscribed to weaver space emails on at least two and maybe three email addresses, and the first I’ve learned of the swatch pack was your first official announcement.

Does customer investment and loyalty not mean anything to you?

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@joeworkman Not at all. It was a complete and total waste of money. I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure it out. I was hoping the swatch pack would finally make it understandable and usable.

I do not recommend Foundation 6. In fact @joeworkman, I find your claim of “Amazing websites. Zero code.” to be completely and totally false with Foundation 6.

I do like many of your other stacks, but the F6 learning curve is too steep for practical use — unless you learn code and then use code.

At the same time I cannot recommend developer @joeworkman who so brazenly and cavalierly disrespects customers.

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I am sorry that you missed the pre-release pricing on the Swatch Pack. While I only created an announcement on my community, it was pinned to the top of the Announcements space since December. I just unpinned a couple of weeks ago while preparing for the launch. I had a couple live streams dedicated to new swatch pack and probably talked about in a dozen more over the past 5 months. Maybe you overlooked the email on Dec 16, 2020 about the pre-launch. The email was titled Foundation v6.7 Update Overview + Pre-Launch of new Swatch Pack.

I am sorry that you are struggling with getting your head wrapped around Foundation 6. Have you attended any of the weekly live streams? Or watch the getting started videos? I know that you do not want to become a “Weaver’s Space groupie”. I am happy to respond to questions posted here as well. I also offer email support. On top of all of that I do free weekly hangouts every Friday. We get people from all over the world coming together and talking about building websites. It’s a lot of fun. We have people from Australia, Hawaii, US, Mexico, UK, Germany and more come in. Those are a lot of fun and very educational (for me and the users).

As for building great websites without code. That is 100% true. Here are just a few pretty nice websites that are built with Foundation 6 stacks. None of them required any knowledge of coding to build them.

That is a pretty decent data set. I could come up with hundreds more.

Again, if you are struggling with Foundation 6, there are a ton of great resources available. This includes many different ways to ask me for help directly: WS Community, this forum, email, live streams and weekly hangouts.

While I have come to the realization that I will never be able to please everyone, I am always respectful. Even when people are disrespectful to me.


Thanks for the hangout yesterday Joe, lots of new goodness for Foundation 6. All my sites are now rewritten with F6 and I find it very intuitive to use. In fact when I try and help somebody out with an F1 site, I struggle to remember what to do and I realise how much easier it is with F6.

Keep up the good work and thanks for all the time you put into this especially the one-to-one support you provide on the hangouts.


@joeworkman I am thankful for all your help. F6 is a challenge, but well worth the effort.
I would love to see the project file on Side by Side…just the menu area…love that design.


@davidfreels all this angst over $10 for a product that’s easily worth over 10 times what it costs? The value you get from something like F6 is immeasurable when you think of all the money you can save by no longer needing to purchase other stacks because you can now create incredible elements for your website from one single stack set.
I do understand the frustration of not getting the deal, but in all fairness, @joeworkman did have it available for way longer than a developer should at the lower price point. He makes himself WAY more available to his customers and and the world in general than anyone I’ve ever known.
I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned and seen the lightbulb go on in so many people’s eyes by just attending the weekly hangouts.
Sometimes if you want to learn something new you gotta put the work in yourself and seek out the learning materials. Joe makes them and himself extremely available to you and everyone else. I mean, name another product you use where you have absolute direct contact with the maker and owner of the thing you need help with… weekly!! It’s just unheard of.
So, $10? Really?


You should ask @joeworkman that, not me.

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Don’t have to. He already answered it up above with his response to you.

This thread was about the new 6.8 release. David (@davidfreels), if you have a problem with not getting the discount then perhaps you should take that up with @joeworkman support.

I think this is enough. I’m closing this thread.