Foundation 6 - Pull Down Number Menus as a form to send as URL? Is it possible?

Hi Weavers, I’ve been scratching my head again, I’m trying with F6/stacks to get three pull down menus, each menu having the numbers 0 to 9 in them. I want this to then be able to submit a form/url to another page to be used as query for QueryDisplay.

Basically I want two outcomes from the query, if the user chooses the correct number sequence e.g. No3 in menu one, Nn7 in menu two and No9 in menu three then my query 379 will send to new page url query 1 and any other number sequence to go to new page url query 2.

I’m fine with the mechanics of the queries and serving the appropriate page If url/379 then go to this query and If url/not379 then go to the second page, it is the pull down menus and then sending this info on as a url that I’m struggling with.

Is it possible to have three pull down menus with 0 to 9 on each and then send the resultant number on to my query? If so how do I make the three pull down menus to start with and how to I get these menus to send the resultant three choices on for my query?

I’m guessing it is the use of a form method, but I’m going round in circles. Any help would be really really appreciated.


Sure. Use a Select field.

Hi Joe thanks for that, I’ve got the pull down menus working, i have my page with queries working url/?section1 and url/?section2, I just can’t fathom out how to set the output from the form as either 387 selected goto url/?section1 and any other number sequence that isn’t 387 selected to generate got to url/?section2, is this possible? to generate the two variables from the form? I’ve tried playing around GET URL and POST URL but I can only generate one preset URL.

Am I expecting or trying to achieve too much for the intended purpose of the form?

Many thanks

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