Foundation 6 ... a little problem

Hi, using F6 and I have a problem with the Forms. When I select a ‘Select Box’ or a Multi-Select, there are no options select possibiltys, and the inspector shows no check at the 'Hide Select Options? What am i doing wrong? Can anyone help me please?


Rudy Lambechts

Hi Rudy,

Not sure what you are asking here. If you want to know how to add an option, there is a blue + at the bottom of the Select box, and MultiSelect form stacks. Just select that an pick Select Option.

Again, Sorry but I don’t know what you are asking here? Not sure what the “Hide Select Options?” is you are looking for?

Have you had a look here:
Forms | Foundation 6 Stacks for RapidWeaver (
Scroll down and there are some videos.

You can also download the some free templates to help you get started along with the project file Joe used to create the demo site here:

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I don’t find this select option (is’nt showing in my screen.

This is what I see by choosing Select Box or Multiselect

Can’t really see what you are seeing in the screenshot. Looks like you may have added a text box inside the select box.

Here’s what I see

  1. Add a from to the page:
  2. Add a Select box to the form:
  3. Select the blue + on the select box:
  4. Choose Select Option and it adds a Select option stack to the select box:

Your screenshot I can’t see the end of the form (Form Actions) or the Blue add buttons.

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Thanks, indeed …. It’s working well now!


Curious. What was it that was causing the issue?

Hi, my mistake. Apparently, I put text field in the wrong place. Doug Bennet has helped me in the meantime.

Thank you !

Rudy from Belgium.

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