Foundation Contact Form Ceased Working - Help Appreciated


My Foundation contact form stopped working a few days ago with no changes on the page to my knowledge.
If you try and send a message an error pops up.

I contacted my hosting service and they replied as follows:

_We inform you that we don’t change any configuration on the server side. _

But we find the following error:

[11-Feb-2019 17:36:13 Europe/Paris] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘)’ in /home/casaeja1/public_html/contact_us/files/stacks_in_5726988_page76_phpmailer.php on line 16

Can anyone shed any light?


I just sent a test message and got no error?

Is your site using the most recent version of the Foundation stacks? If not, update the page to remove the variable.

Have you recently changed any of the settings in the Form Base stack? The settings could affect the syntax even is they are turned off in the stack. You could always add a new Form Base stack to the page so that it starts with its default settings. Then reconfigure it to your desire.

Also make sure that you have updated the Foundation stacks and theme have been updated.

Sorry to mess you around Doug, I swapped out the Foundation form for the DooBox Contact stack. I’m paranoid about missing a potential client.
It worked fine though, I got your message. What can I help you with, a sofa, dining table, curtians maybe :smirk:

@joeworkman I can’t recall changing anything on that page in a long time. strange.
I’ll try rebuilding it from scratch.

Hey there @ricinport — could it be that your host has changed something recently with their PHP setup? Who is your host?

Thank for the interest @Elixir - (I’m in Portugal), no they state they’ve not changed anything.

Strange indeed. I had a similar customer email recently and was trying to see if the two might be related, but I’m not sure they are.

@Elixir - two’s possibly coincidence but that makes three because there’s another day old post with similar problems:

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