Contact Form/PHP no longer working on ipowerweb

Hey folks,
Someone just brought to my attention that they didn’t think my contact form was working so I tested it today and sure enough it’s broken. I’m trying to figure out what broke it.I’ve been experimenting with changing PHP versions on my server ( and have gone from 5.6 up to 7.1 with no affect. I’ve also checked the error log on the server and um, I have errors. Not sure how to fix this other than to abandon the form. I’ve also checked one other website I maintain for a client and her’s seems to broken as well (same hosting company). Ipower’s tech was worthless and I’m not enough of a webmaster to figure this one out. Here’s the link to the contact page. I’m running the latest version of RW 7.5.2 and the latest version of Stacks, even though this isn’t a Stacks page. Thanks for any suggestions.

Hey @Daveyboy - I just tried a test submit and didn’t seem to work

Just a guess but I would try:

  1. Republish x2 pages with these on and / off


  1. The email you are using to collect the email try it on another domain e.g. a Gmail

See if those help!

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I tried all variations, including the new email, with no luck. It must be something odd with ipower as the other website I maintain with them also stopped working. I wound up buying the html contact form from DooBox and using that on both sites and now I’m back in business.

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Awesome and glad you’re in business! :slight_smile:

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