Foundation Flex Video Stack - Stop YouTube from showing other videos

Is there any way to stop YouTube from showing other videos at the end of mine when using the Foundation Flex Video stack?

HUD just allows for
Wide Screen (check box)
Auto Play (check Box)
Video ID


You can’t. That is how YouTube makes money. Its one of the drawbacks of using YouTube.

@swilliam - Check this post: (Youtube insists on showing other video images at the end of my video..why?)

Will at S4S has incorporated this into his TopBox stack, so no “suggested videos” are shown at the end of the video.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @joeworkman, I figured as much.
I know there used to be a way when embedding straight html

Thanks @thang,
Yea I saw that but no way to do that with flex video.

Does that method still work?


Interesting. Tav you tried just tacking on ?rel=0 to the end of your youtube URL?

Yea, I tried putting that in the HUD – didn’t work