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I’m just wondering if there’s a video stack (or some other means) to have youtube video displayed without a thumbnail. Although the thumbails are fine in some cases, there are other situations where I prefer a minimalist design say with just a small TV icon. My regular go-to video stack is Video Zoom which comes as part of the Foundry Thunder Pack - but it doesn’t have that minimalist option.

I had previously experimented with a simple link that displays a video in a new window - which sort of works but doesn’t work consistently on all devices.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

Andrew Mercer

You could do it with Limelight from BWD. You can set anything - i.e. an icon - to trigger the lightbox and put the video inside that.


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Hi Rob

Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn’t familiar with Limelight but am checking it out.
Those BWD stacks are pretty phenomenal overall, so it sounds like a great option.


You might also want to try the free demo of TopBox. This lets you easily open a lightboxed YouTube video from a link or icon button.

A benefit of this stack is that it has custom video player controls. There is an example of a YouTube video using custom player controls on the product page.

So instead of having those generic red and black YouTube video controls, you can customise the controls to match your existing theme or branding. And this can look really smart.


Hey there @andrewmercer

If you’re looking for something simple, since you’re already using Foundry, you could just drop a Video Embed stack into a Modal stack. Then it is triggered with a button instead of a thumbnail.

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Thanks Adam.
That looks like a great option. I hadn’t thought about that approach. I need to experiment more with those stacks.


Thanks Will
Hmm … there are a lot of options in that stack. I’m not sure if I’ll use it this time around but that stack might be useful for other things downstream.

Much appreciated.

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