Clean, simple front page video stack for RW8?

I’m aware of the “best video stacks” thread, but it looks quite old, and is pre RW8.

I am after a affordable, clean, simple video stack run a short video (possibly looped) on my front page. Preferably with options to not have an ugly play button all over it - just a nice clean, large video at centre of the page. No thumbnail. Just a clean, big video screen.

I was really bummed to try the joe workman HTML5 video stack (look it up - the moronic bots here grey out posts with links in them) appeared to fail under RW8. JW has a “video wall” stack which is costly and way too fancy for my needs.

Not wanting to use Vimeo etc as there are ugly labels all over their embedded videos.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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…aaaaand I’ve just discovered Vimeo has some good settings.
However, I am still after a solution which doesn’t require the use of an external video hosting site.

I use the player stack from stack4stacks or the play stack from doobox:

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No there’s no bots blocking posts with links. If other users flag a post it does get blocked until a moderator reviews.

Of course without some controls to play the video you should realize that some users will never see it. Most mobile browsers block auto play, and even many desktop browsers have preference settings to allow blocking auto play.

Stacks4stacks has a couple playres, they have a free demo version to try before you buy.

Thanks! This is worth a look…

Yep - well, until there is a process here for penalising people who needlessly flag posts without bothering to consider that there might be a context for links being included in these threads, this forum remains essentially a police state. That’s been my experience. I still have posts greyed out because of this, weeks after the problem was identified. The mods evidently don’t care. It’s a pet peeve of mine, hence the facetious remark.

Thanks for the stacks4stacks links - I will check these out!

I honestly have no idea what you are writing about. Can you provide a practical example?

For instance when typing in “best video stacks” the top listing is this:

I see no problems using any of the links in that thread. Nor am I familiar in general with links being grayed out.

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Joe also has an HTML5 Video stack which works great in RW 8.

I trust you found the Vimeo “Embed Prefs” where you can remove logo, title, and such from embedded videos.

Everyone else seemed to get it :slight_smile:

I was wrong about the Joe Workman stack - they helped me get past my installation probs very quickly. Sorted!

How about Joe Workman’s Impact? Plays Slideshows and/or Video…

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