Foundation form submit - possible to encrypt?

I am using a foundation form to collect and then submit the collected information via email. My client is concerned that this is not secure enough with the introduction of the GDPR. Are there any options within the foundation framework that can help e or do I need to look at another forms solution to gather and collect the information?

Any help gratefully received


What do you mean with GDPR in relation to encryption? AFAIK, GDPR doesn’t include any encryption section.

I think they were thinking more along the lines of making sure that personal information is only transmitted securely.

The you have to check https/ssl/tls encryption for your website and email communication between website and mail server.

For https certificates, check with your provider what he offers. tls communication should also be handled by him.

This is where I am a little out of my depth. I can sort out an SSL cert, I have previously done that for my personal site through Chilidog. However what I am not clear on is how to get the forms functionality in Foundation to take advantage of it.

I am wondering if receiving personal info via email is fundamentally incompatible with the data protection requirements of the GDPR or not?


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