Contact Form with Challenge Question or reCAPTCHA for security

It would be great if we had these options to add to the Contact Form.

They are available in the add-ons, such as FormLoom, FormSnap, etc., of course. I usually use both a question and reCAPTCHA.

I don’t care for reCaptcha so I did not add it to Foundation forms. However, you can do a challenge question.

I don’t like it myself, Joe, but I find it helps keep down the spam. The challenge questions help, too.

Your “Forms” stack looks like what I want. I’m so new to RW that I could not say or even know yet if I could use any of the other stacks in the package. Is there a way to buy the individual stack?

@bruce I am sorry. But Foundation is a package deal. You would need to go all in. Sorry. FormSnap is a very powerful and popular addon that works with any theme.

We’ve not added reCaptcha as each site it’s used on needs its own API key from Google (so the barrier to adopting it is pretty high - we can’t just add the code to every page RW generates). I’ve noted the request, though :smile: