Contact Form with Challenge Question or reCAPTCHA for security

(Bruce Kieffer) #1

It would be great if we had these options to add to the Contact Form.

(Peter Danckwerts) #2

They are available in the add-ons, such as FormLoom, FormSnap, etc., of course. I usually use both a question and reCAPTCHA.

(Joe Workman) #3

I don’t care for reCaptcha so I did not add it to Foundation forms. However, you can do a challenge question.

(Peter Danckwerts) #4

I don’t like it myself, Joe, but I find it helps keep down the spam. The challenge questions help, too.

(Bruce Kieffer) #5

Your “Forms” stack looks like what I want. I’m so new to RW that I could not say or even know yet if I could use any of the other stacks in the package. Is there a way to buy the individual stack?

(Joe Workman) #6

@bruce I am sorry. But Foundation is a package deal. You would need to go all in. Sorry. FormSnap is a very powerful and popular addon that works with any theme.

(Nik Fletcher) #7

We’ve not added reCaptcha as each site it’s used on needs its own API key from Google (so the barrier to adopting it is pretty high - we can’t just add the code to every page RW generates). I’ve noted the request, though :smile: