Foundation Form Base - Preview mode vs Live - SOLVED

Hi all,

Looking for some help, if you would be so kind.

I’ve created a “contact me” form for my site using Foundation theme’s Form Base stack and I’ve set it all up correctly, with SMTP server (including username and password), as far as I am aware.

When using RW7 in preview mode, the form works like a charm and I recieve the form submission to the intended email address. But when I upload the files to my web hosting domain and go live, the form no longer works.

Why would this be?

does the sending email account actually exist on your host? Some hosts block emails from sending if not, I assume to cut down on spam.

Web host often restricts mail being sent from a Web site to prevent their mail server being used for SPAM. You should look through your hosting companies knowledge base or help area. If you share the name of your host, perhaps someone on the forum has experience with them.

Thanks for your quick replies. I’ve just found and fixed the problem.

This silly goose accidentally deleted a required file on the server side, and so had to get my hosting service to replace the file.

Now everything works as it should.

Thank you again for your responses. :slight_smile: