Foundation+Glider: would be nice if on mobiles

ok, so… in this page I have a glider panel
(actually two: one for mobiles, with tab at the bottom so it doesn’t collide with drop-down menus, and one for tablets and desktops with tab on top)

would be nice if, on mobiles (where the panel, when opened, takes all the screen), user didn’t have to scroll back to top to close it and could, instead, just swipe it away (or tap anywhere)

is this possible?


You can replace the menu system with a paragraph stack, and it should work just like you’d like it to. You can see my take on this site (desktop or mobile). Screenshot below shows what Glider looks like in edit mode.



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thank you very much dave

though… I have no issue at all with site’s menu: my question was about an easier way to close Glider on mobiles :wink:

Interesting idea. I will log an enhancement request and see if I can get this out in an update.

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would be really great!

thank you Joe :smile:

Exactly @pl_svn. Did you pull the mobile site up? It’s a really (really, really, really) long site (it’s exactly what the client asked for). And yet, no matter where you are on the site, one click on the Glider menu and the entire navigation is right there - no scrolling.

in my case it’s right the opposite, dave: what’s inside Glider is really very long and needs scrolling back up :wink: