Page scroll jumping on Mobile

I have been using Stacks and Foundation for several years. There have been few issues, and it is a stable way to work. Until now.

Today has been hell, with endless issues on a new site. I’m using the same basic design and components as usual (except I now have Stacks 4). The site is small and simple with a slider, Gallery 3 and Foundation Off Canvas menu. I never expected issues. Now it is up on my server in final test mode and I thought all was done - until I checked on iOS - it jumps!

Pages will not scroll properly. It will not work horizontally and I am puzzled. I cannot mimic the behaviour on Firefox’s simulator - if anyone has a few minutes, please could you try on your own platforms and give me feedback?

Thank you!

I don’t get it on your home page but I do get it on your gallery and contact page (maybe because they’re longer and have more to scroll).

I’m not at my mac to do any checking but might be worth noting that Joe Workman did a video yesterday on troubleshooting issues on iphone/ipad that might be worth checking out (I didnt see the video, just the notification).

Cheers Jason, your experience matches mine. I’ll check out the video shortly. I’m also going to duplicate the gallery page and try with a different menu system, just to be sure.

Scrolling Solved and thanks for the thoughts @jabostick

@joeworkman ’s Foundation Off Canvas Menu system is the issue - check out Gallery 2 page, essentially a duplicate of gallery with a Top Bar menu instead of Off Canvas - it works and scrolls fine on iOS. I suspect Off Canvas needs an update for Stacks 4?

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