Menu on mobile doesn’t close

Hi all what could be the cause of the menu bar stying open and covering the full screen on iPhone 8 and below I have an 11promax and it’s fine on that but on the smaller screens the menu won’t retract complete obliterating all content i have the setting set for full menu at custom 1000px. site logo and title etc all turned off for mobile Sorry I should mention that it’s Foundation and top bar

I thought I had it fixed but as soon as you scroll the menu comes up again and won’t clear, so it blocks the page, also the fade in doesn’t work in portrait only in landscape on the iPhone 6s

48 views and no reply ?

It does not help that the title of your post is vague. Adding something like “Foundation menu on mobile problem” would be more useful. Then you wouldn’t have 48 views: only those who actually use Foundation.

Also useful to alert Joe Workman to this issue either directly via email or by “calling” him using @joeworkman . Joe is very good about responding on these forums, but neither he nor other developers, can be expected to read all posts.

My guess (and it’s only that) is that Joe scans for Foundation/Joe related posts, or reads other posts that just seem interesting to him. Bottom line: he likely does not read all posts.

Thank you for your extremely quick response Mathew but yes you are absolutely right, and I admit I am a bit of a plonker it works fine on my
site but not on my site Ive been editing the .uk site but the iPhone had the
site running but because it’s along title I couldn’t see the full title.
and yes I should have made it clear it was foundation and topbar that I am using, but I still cannot get topbar to present the submenu on the right even though the box is checked on all the settings.

Hopefully Joe will be along sometime today to help you out. However, today (for many folks) is the first day of a long holiday weekend in the U.S. (Thanksgiving). So there is some chance you may not hear back from Joe for awhile.

Unfortunately I do not presently use Foundation so I can’t help with your specific issue.

No Worries Mathew Have a great break God knows we all need them. Thank you again

I have an iPhone 7 and if I understand what you’re saying, the menu opens up and closes fine in both landscape and portrait.

Also seems okay on my iPad.

You are absolutely right teefers, its the exact same address apart from the .me its the .me that doesn’t work
many thanks for your reply though it’s much appreciated.


I’m still not understanding what exactly you are saying.

What do you mean when you say “it’s the .me that doesn’t work”?
I click on the address in this link link as the original post), and the menu opens and closes on my iPhone 7 and iPad fine.

The link has the .me in the url. I didn’t change the link in either post. If i open the forum post up on my iPhone 7 and click the links in your posts the hamburger menu opens when I click on it and closes when I click on it.

What am I missing?

Sorry teefers it’s as soon as you scroll up from the bottom the menu pops up again and only disappears when the top content is reached, so the main content remains beneath the menu, which incidentally I am unable to align to the right of the page.

Sorry Graham,
I’m not understanding or seeing what you are talking about.

  • I have the URL open on my iPhone 7
  • I scroll to the bottom
  • I open the menu
  • I can close the menu
  • I can scroll the content with the menu open
  • I can scroll with the arrow to the top with the menu open or closed

I’m not sure what expected behavior you’re looking for?

I’m no expert on foundation, it’s been a couple years since I used it a lot. There’s a bunch of folks on the forum that use it all the time though.

I’m just trying to clarify the problem and expected behavior to try to get the results you’re expecting.

It’s a big holiday here in the US, so I don’t know how many of the regular forum users are around. In addition Joe just released Foundation 6 yesterday, so his been kinda crazy.

I can not replicate any issues in my iPhone. The menu seems to behave exactly as it should.

That is so weird, I can do that in landscape mode but not in portrait, in portrait all I have is the menu but I can still scroll but the majority of content is hidden by the menu which will not close, in landscape its fine does what it should, weird.

But then so is my apple magic mouse when the mood takes it, I don’t know if you experience this but instead of doing what you expect when I right click it it opens up a pop up box and try as you can it will not right click so frustrating I just have shut the mac down and then its fine again. But it always happens when you are on a deadline.

Hi Guy’s just need to clarify something being dyslexic I still have to think hard about my right and left, nearly 70 and still don’t know have to think about it so on my previous rant about the mouse it should be left click and not right, but to confuse more it right clicks when you left click, take your hand off the mouse and then gently push down on the left extremity and it still right clicks. Infuriating. Technology great when it works.

I have a couple of Apple Magic Mouses, (one and Magic Mouse 2) and have never had issues with either one. I would guess you are having a hardware issue with the mouse.

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