Foundation Select Box Problem


Is anybody else having this problem? When I build a basic foundation web form and use the Select Box option, I gave it three options for the dropdown. After selecting one of those options, it does not show up in that box. It remains blank. Why is this? I would think it would show the user the dropdown item they picked.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Any ideas?


Double check your custom form styles. Look at the padding settings…

Thanks for the reply!

I did check them. I increased them with no effect to the observed problem. Any other thoughts? Maybe I am missing something. . .

I would need to see a URL. I am pretty sure that its the custom form styles though.

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Thanks, Joe! I enlarged the fields, but did not reduce them. My padding was too large for the input area. I reduced it and they showed up. You were right! I never thought about reducing the area of my padding so it would fit. My mind was thinking the other direction. Got it working. Thanks again!


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